Using images

How can I use the downloaded image?
The image may be used for any advertising or editorial purpose other than the exceptions listed as prohibited uses below (see the answer to the next question).The image may not be resold.
What are the prohibited uses of the images?
The images may not be used as part of web templates or other templates, as part of galleries enabling downloading of images by other users (such as galleries of wallpapers, screensavers etc.) The images may not be used in an offensive or defamatory context. The images may not be used for promotion of illegal activities. If you are not sure whether the image may be used for a particular purpose, please contact us before making the purchase.
How do I assess the quality of the image?
When you move the mouse over the image preview individual sectors will display in sufficient size. Please make sure that the image meets all your requirements. (You will need JavaScript activated.)
May I change the downloaded image?
The downloaded images may be changed in any manner and used; DFS remains the holder of copyright in the original image.
May I use the purchased image for other projects?
No, the licence is always granted for a particular project, so a new licence must be bought for any other projects.
I purchased an image in print quality. May I use it for the same project on a website?
Yes, the image may be used in print as well as for the website, providing that it is used within a single project.
For how long may I use the purchased image?
The time for using the image within one project is not limited.
May I use the image for my client?
Yes, the end user of the image may be your client. However you must inform the client that the image may not be used for any other purposes.

How to buy images

How do I pay for the selected image?
You may pay for the image using PayPal either directly or through credits.
How does the credit system work?
If you need to buy images on a regular basis, or for a larger project, you may consider buying the required number of credits. Paying by credits is up to several tens of percent cheaper than buying the images individually.
May I return the purchased image?
As we provide information about the size of every image and means for assessing the quality before purchase, it is not possible to return the image.
May I download the image several times?
Yes, you can re-download an image at any time from 'My Account - My photos' section, which provides an overview of all images downloaded by you.
I have not managed to use my purchased credits within the time limit; will you return the money to me?
No, we do not return the monetary equivalent of unused credits. However, if you buy at least the same amount of credits as those that expired, the validity of the expired credits will be prolonged by 1 year.
May I buy an image without buying credits?
Yes, images may be bought directly via PayPal.
May I pay by bank transfer or by a payment card?
No, the only manner of payment is PayPal.
Will you provide credits on the basis of an invoice payable in two weeks?
No, we will provide credits only after the relevant amount has been paid.
Where can I get a document proving that I purchased the credits or images?
An invoice is sent to your email address after every purchase you make. You can also find an overview of all your purchases in 'My Account - Orders history' section.
Where can I find an overview of all downloaded images?
Go to the 'My Account - Orders history or My photos' section, which will provide an overview of all images downloaded by you.
What should I do if I forgot my password?
Go to “Forgotten password”, your password will be sent to your email.


What is a Lightbox?
A Lightbox is a place where you can store images you like. It allows you to retrieve your image selection for future viewing.
How do I add images to a Lightbox?
There are two ways to add images to a Lightbox. You can add them from the search result pages by scrolling over a thumbnail and clicking on the red icon Add at the right bottom corner. The other way is to click on the image itself. You will be taken to the image detail page, where you click on 'Add to Lightbox' Add.
How do I remove an image from a Lightbox?
Either click Remove below a thumbnail of the image you wish to remove or go to the image detail page and click on 'Remove from Lightbox' Remove. To remove all images from the Lightbox click on Remove.